ICAS 2021 Be the Refuge:Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists


Be the Refuge:Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists

由「美國華嚴蓮社。華嚴教育基金」支持贊助,加州聖荷西州立大學•人文藝術學院•人文學系所主辦 2021 年度佛教學研討會,於美西時間 05/06 (週四) 傍晚 7:00-8:15、台灣時間 05/07 (週五) 上午 10:00-11:15 進行網路線上座談與研討。

今年討論主題為〈庇護——喚起亞裔美國佛教徒的心聲〉,主要由加利福尼亞大學河濱分校教授 Dr. Tamara Ho 與作家 Chenxing Han 進行主題談話,共同討論 Han 的處女作《庇護——喚起亞裔美國佛教徒的心聲》之內容。


Han 在此新書中,採訪了八十位年輕的亞裔美國佛教徒。這本書對在美國信眾主要為亞裔的寺院,該如何吸引年輕一代而持續道場未來的發展有著很好的啟示。






Dear Ven. Tiancheng,

Dr. Todd Perreira and I are organizing this upcoming event with Bay Area writer Chenxing Han. This is our Buddhist Studies event for the academic year. Han’s first book, Be the Refuge, just came out in which she interviewed over 80 young Asian American Buddhists. She will be in conversation with Dr. Tamara Ho from the University of California, Riverside about Be the Refuge. We thought the book would be interesting for a number of reasons, including the concern among many Asian American temples that they do not have enough interest from young people to sustain their temples in the future.

We’re thankful for the Avatamsaka Endowment Fund which is helping to support this event.

It would be wonderful if the Avatamsaka Buddhist Society would consider sharing and attending this event. The information and a flyer is attached below.

With appreciation,



Please share widely

The Humanities Department is excited to present:

“Be the Refuge:Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists “
A conversation with Dr. Tamara Ho (UC Riverside) and Chenxing Han

Thursday May 6, 2021. 7:00-8:15 pm
*** Pacific Time (US and Canada) ***


Dr. Tamara Ho will be in discussion with Chenxing Han about Han’s debut book, Be the Refuge: Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists (North Atlantic Books, 2021). Weaving together ethnography, scholarship, and memoir, Be the Refuge counters the erasure of Asian American Buddhists by resisting essentialized tropes (Oriental monk, superstitious immigrant, banana Buddhist) and reinterpreting this complex and diverse group as trailblazers, bridge-builders, integrators, and refuge-makers.

This event helps us celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month and is co-sponsored by the SJSU Humanities Department, the Chao Te Lin and Avatamsaka Education Fund, the SJSU Mosaic Cross Cultural Center, and the APIDA Task Force.

Please contact Profs. Funie Hsu or Todd Perreira with any questions:funie.hsu@sjsu.edu