ABLS 2019 秋季法會通啟(Autumn Dharma Service Notice)


Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) Bodhisattva Renunciation Celebration Dharma Service


To celebrate the Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) Bodhisattva’s Renunciation Day which falls on October 13, 2019 (Sunday), ABLS will host a Dharma Event starting at 9 AM. There will be Liturgy of Guanyin Bodhisattva, with the assembly chanting the Avalokiteshvara Mantra (incantation), Heart Sutra, and Universal Gate Sutra. Then Master Tian Cheng, the Abbess, will give an introduction to Guan Yin Dharma practice. Food offering for blessings will be at noon. Starting again at 1:30 PM, participants will chant the Cundī Sutra and Cundī Mantra. For the evening session, there will be Eighty-Eight Buddha Repentance and Meng Shan Food Bestowal Ceremony.



All are invited to pray for Guan Yin’s blessings, and the merits will be dedicated to all attendees for happiness and wisdom.


If you would like to establish a tablet for either the living or the deceased, please contact our office for more detailed information. 



ABLS地址:50 South Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035